Yerranderie – A Ghost Town In Australia

Yerranderie Ghost Town

The ghost town of Yerranderie is located in the Blue Mountains, near to Kanangra-Boyd National Park in New South Wales, Australia. It was a vibrant mining town which became abandoned in the late 1920s. The remains of the town exist today merely as a tourist attraction and reminder of Australia’s mining past. We’ve talked about other such towns here before including Mary Kathleen in Queensland.

Yerranderie once had a population of over 2,000 working in one of the country’s busiest silver mines however, when the industry collapsed in 1927, the mine closed and the population moved on, unable to find work. The newly formed Lake Burragorang cut off access to Sydney in 1959 and the former town became ever more isolated. It was eventually bought by Valerie Anne Lhuede and developed as a tourist destination.

The town itself features 2 separate areas with the historic site 1 km away from the township and airstrip. Mineshafts and artefacts dating back to Yerranderie’s storied past as a mining town abound. It is now only reached by a dirt road from Oberon, 70km away.

When Valerie Anne Lhuede bought the town she began to develop it as a tourist destination and a guest house, shops and miner’s cottages were open to the public. She donated the town to the National Parks and Wildlife service in 2011 and it remains a popular site to visit for those vacationing in the Blue Mountains.

The following mines operated in Yerranderrie –

The Colon Peak Mine
Main shaft 460ft long, 15,000ft of levels

Bartlett’s Shaft No 6
Main shaft 700ft long, 11,000ft of levels.

The Silver Peak or Bore Block Mine
Main shaft vertical for 564ft thence at 30 degrees for 560ft, 9.000 ft of levels.

The Wollondilly, formerly Starlight/Yerranderie Mine
Main shaft 448ft slope 30 degrees, total length of levels 20,000ft.

The Wonga, formerly Tonalli Mine
Main shaft 850ft long, slope 18 degrees.

The Burragorang Mine
Main shaft 1175ft long, slope 28 degrees, 1,800 ft of levels.

Location: Yerranderie, New South Wales, Australia

Category: Ghost Town

Abandoned: 1927

An old derelict building in Yerranderie

A derelict building in Yerranderie

The ruins of a building in Yerranderie

An old road in Yerranderie

An abandoned building in Yerranderie

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