Worcester State Hospital – An Abandoned Asylum in Massachusetts

Worcester State Hospital was a mental hospital located in Worcester, Massachusetts. The hospital was also known as the Worcester Lunatic Asylum and the Bloomingdale Asylum and opened on January 12, 1833. During the first year alone, 164 patients were received. As a result of overcrowding, a new bigger building was opened in 1876 and closed in 1991 following a fire which caused extensive damage to the roof. It was left abandoned until the building was demolished in 2009.

We found this eerie account in which Kevin Crook talks about his father who worked in Worcester State Hospital –

My father worked as a nurse at Worcester State Hospital in Worcester MA into his 60’s he told me about all the closed buildings that they used for storage. At times he would have to go get supplies from some of them, they would be all locked up and when he would unlock the doors and enter he said it sounded like a fully functioning hospital he would hear people talking and the sounds of stretchers being moved and so on. He couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I would go with him as a kid when he would pick up his check and the vibe is so odd and creepy it would be great to check it out but the state wont allow it. They still have one building open and working but they may be closing that down as well. Maybe some day.

On a side note when they stopped using straight jackets in that location he brought one home for me, seeing as in was in elementary school at the time my mother put a stop to that very quickly.

Location: Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Category: Hospital

Abandoned: 1991




How Worcester State Hospital used to look

The abandoned Worcester State Hospital

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  1. I did some psychiatric training at Worchester State Hospital. The truly insane were in cells in the tunnels under the hospital that ran form one end to the other buildings. Those patients were usually unclothed and ignored/left psychotic, except to feed them and were considered "lost." They would never again come out (unless they let them out when they closed in 1991,) and it was thought they would stay there until they p[assed away. It was as evil a place for the mentally ill as the Belchertown Hospital in North Adams MA for boys. (They called that the home for "feeble minded" children. But they would pull out teeth if there was a cavity, or if the child bit, with no pain killers. And that was not even the cruel part of what these places did.

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