TSS Duke Of Lancaster – An Abandoned Ship in Wales

TSS Duke Of Lancaster

The TSS Duke Of Lancaster was a British railway steamer that operated from 1956 to 1979. The ship was built at Harland & Wolff in Belfast and was the sister ship of TSS Duke Of Rothesay and TSS Duke Of Argyll and was designed to act as both a passenger ferry and cruise ship.

With the advent of car ferries in the 1960s, ships such as the Lancaster became redundant and so its owners decided to modify it so as to enable it to carry vehicles. Space for 105 cars was now available onboard as well as 1200 passengers. The ship served the Heysham-Belfast route until 1975 and was then moved to Fishguard-Rosslare. She was withdrawn from service in 1978 and sold to a company who wanted to turn the ship into a leisure centre and market in Mostyn however this has not come to fruition and the ship remains where it was placed in 1979, decaying and abandoned.

Location: Mostyn, Wales

Category: Ship

Abandoned: 1979

A side view of the abandoned TSS Duke of Lancaster

Graffiti on the bow of the TSS Duke of Lancaster

The abandoned wreck of the TSS Duke of Lancaster

The TSS Duke of Lancaster as it was at sea



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