The Secret Theater in Paris Catacombs

In 2004, the police in Paris, France, stumbled across an underground cinema secretly built beneath the city’s catacombs. It was fully equipped and had all the amenities of any standard movie theater, including a restaurant. Of course, the police who made the discovery were left speechless by this discovery, so they went to seek reinforcement. They came back three days later armed with the “right” tools and necessary personnel, only to find a note at the entrance saying, “Do not try to find us.” However, the bigger question was: who was brave enough to build an entertainment hub in the middle of the house of the dead?

What Did the Secret Movie Theater in Paris Catacomb Have?

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When the police found the secret movie theater in Paris catacomb, they noticed the following on the building’s walls:

  • It had two swastikas painted on the ceiling
  • There were several Celtic crosses
  • Some stars of David were also present

The cinema room had a full-sized movie screen, a restaurant, a fully functional electricity system, three phone lines, and a pressure cooker used to make couscous. At the entrance that bordered a drain in the Trocadero area, the officers found a tarpaulin marked “Building site, no access.”

Further investigations revealed a tunnel behind the door. There, they found a desk with a CCTV camera set strategically to record images of anyone passing. The system was also designed to trigger a tape of dogs barking, probably to scare intruders.

Who Owned the Secret Movie Theater in Paris Catacomb?

Well, when the authorities found the secret underground cinema, they went back to seek reinforcement and returned three days later. This time, however, they found a note on the entrance asking them not to try to find the owners of the facility. A simple note wouldn’t scare the police, though – they proceeded with their investigations, anyway.

It turns out the hidden movie theater was owned and controlled by a secret group known as les UX, which stands for Urban eXperiment. The sect was also responsible for restoring the Pantheon clock, staging plays in monuments around the city, and stealing paintings for their shows.

Did the Owners of the Secret Theater in Paris Catacombs Belong to a Cult?

According to the official reports by the police and their findings, it is unlikely that the les UX members were cultic. If anything, the Celtic crosses, stars of David, and swastikas were conflictive, meaning members probably had different ideologies.

Yes, the sect’s actions were different from those of average humans. They built their cinema in a place where human skulls and remains were laid to rest; that’s spooky. However, even from the movies they watched, there was nothing significant proving that they belonged to a cult or were an extremist group.

What Happened to the Secret Cinema in Paris Catacombs?

When the secret cinema was discovered in 2004, it made headlines around the world. Everyone wanted to visit the region or at least, get a glimpse of it through videos or pictures. As time passed, people forgot about it and moved on to other things.

Today, tourists are allowed to visit the restricted section with the help of tour guides. However, most visitors tour the region to see the remains of the over 6 million Parisians transferred there to ease the overcrowding in cemeteries in the late 1700s and not the cinema, specifically.

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