The Ruins of Deertrail Resort

Nestled in picturesque Sooke, British Columbia, Canada, the Deertrail Resort is the abandoned dream of Albert Yuen and his dear wife. The ruins of the resort stand 1.5 kilometers past the entrance of Sooke Potholes Regional Park and along the Sooke River. So what happened to the uniquely planned Deertrail Resort? And what are the ruins of Deetrail Resort offing their community today?

Yuen’s Grand Idea

The Deertrail Resort was supposed to be an ambitious dream for the Canadian native Albert Yuen. In the 1980s, Yuen and his wife bought 160 acres of property above the Sooke River, and soon the construction of the resort began. The Yuens wanted to create a luxury resort while maintaining the surrounding nature as much as possible.

The original design of the all-inclusive resort was supposed to include:

  • 200 guest rooms
  • A pool
  • A spa
  • Shopping Centre
  • Conference Centre

The resort was meant to be a luxury that would have unique features such as:

  • The largest wood-burning fireplace in Canada.
  • The main Timber Lodge
  • Winding stone staircase built into the cliffside

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Construction Began Then Quickly Stopped

The resort attracted much attention in the initial years of construction due to Yuen’s designs and unique location. In his designs, Yuen incorporated the use of vegetation, natural stone, and local timber to truly showcase the land.

However, building a luxurious resort was never fulfilled due to a lack of capital. As time continued, the investors’ contributions continued to slow down, and so did the construction until it eventually stopped altogether.

Transfer of Ownership

It wasn’t long until Yuen had nothing left but a dream and half of a luxury resort that would never see completion. Yuen didn’t give up on his dream until he sold the land. There were alternative plans of starting a housing development and a media village at one point. But these ideas never bore fruits, leaving the Deertrail Resort untouched for years.

In 2004 the property was taken over by the surrounding park agencies and was stripped of everything but its stonework. Today, the ruins have become an attraction site for locals and tourists. But due to unsafe conditions, the park rangers and fences try to keep trespassers out.

The Resort Today

The Deertrail Resort remains a fantastic abandoned ruin with colorful urban art from the locals and tourists who visit the place to swim in the Sooke River. Despite the once never-ending resort construction, the place has become a cool location for urban exploration and graffiti showcasing.

Nature seems to have taken over the remains of Yuen’s ambitious dream. All the wood used in constructing the once Deertrail Resort has been destroyed or eroded over safety concerns from the surrounding park services. Now wild plants and trees are taking back the land by covering the cement stonework.

Sadly, Albert Yuen and his wife passed away in recent years. But the remnants of Deertrail Resort will remain for the foreseeable future.

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