Salina Praid – An Abandoned Salt Mine in Romania

Salina Praid Salt Mine

The Praid Salt Mine or Salina Praid is located in Romania’s salt zone surrounded by similar mines and a vast salt industry. The town of Praid grew up around the salt mine with many of it’s inhabitants working underground. Large tunnels were carved out beneath the countryside to extract the salt and left abandoned, however today, certain parts of the mine have been reopened for tourism.

Some of the attractions for tourists are (from the website) –

Salt bath
In Praid there is a salt water swimming pool. Besides the open air swimming pool, visitors may enjoy the beneficial effect of the salt water spas, very helpful for rheuma treatment. The beneficial effect of the salt bath may be felt on the whole body, healing, calming, physically and psychically relaxing, antiseptic and sterilizing. A single bath lasts for 10 minutes, up to 30 minutes, depending on the individual. The temperature of the salt water is of 36 degrees Celsius. A treatment consists of 10-14 warm baths without interruption. The salt baths function between the 1st of June and the 15th of October.

The chapel inside the salt-mine attracts many visitors through its simplicity. The ecumenical services are held here regularly. It was consecrated in 1993.


The museum inside the salt-mine is one of the most attractive places for the visitors deciding to spend a few pleasant hours here. Rich in salt crystals, tools used in mining and salt transportation, and folk art objects, it attracts more and more visitors each year.


Your children will spend extremely pleasant moments in the salt-mine playground. There are numerous possibilities to play and combined with the beneficial effect of the air, it provides a nice ambiance for everyone.

Location: Praid, Romania

Category: Tunnel

Abandoned: Unknown

Salina Praid 4 underground

Salina Praid Tunnel

Salina Praid Entrance


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