Rozelle Tram Depot – The Former Home Of Sydney’s Trams

Rozelle Tram Depot Abandoned Sydney

Rozelle Tram Depot in Sydney, Australia was opened in 1904 and at it’s peak hired over 650 staff members. It was the second largest tram depot on the Sydney network which was amongst the largest and most advanced tram systems in the world at the time of its operation. By 1918, 200 tram cars called the depot home, an increase from 96 when it was first built. It worked in tandem with depots in Newtown and Ultimo to serve western, south-western and Ryde tram routes.

Many trams from the Ultimo depot were transferred to Rozelle in 1953. The Glebe line which the depot serviced closed in 1958 and Rozelle Tram Depot was left abandoned. It was used to store 6 historic trams belonging to the Sydney Tramway Society however they were vandalised heavily. One was eventually restored and returned to pride of place in the Tramsheds development which has re-purposed the Rozelle Tram Depot into a food destination.

Sydney’s urban explorers were keen to visit however getting in was apparently quite difficult. There are some fantastic videos and photos of Rozelle Tram Depotin Syd at the Day By Day blog

I have been trying to get into the depot for over 12 months. Each time I see someone upload photos on Flickr, I would drive over but alas the giant gates were always padlocked. Signs of a new padlock or chains meant that someone had indeed broken in.

This time it was serendipity, I was just driving pass after an unsuccessful attempt at shooting dragonflies and decided, for no reason, to check if the depot was accessible. Could not believe my eyes, the gates were slightly ajar and no freaking padlock.

A bunch of teenage boys and girls came in and started wandering around the depot. It was okay at first but then they started smashing anything they got their hands on. Thank god they only have short attention span and left after about 30 minutes.

Rachael Muller has a wonderful guide on the tram depot, click here for more information and check out Brent Pearson’s amazing videos.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Category: Railway

Abandoned: 1958

Abandoned trams at Rozelle Tram Depot

The abandoned Rozelle Tram Depot in Sydney, Australia

An abandoned tram at Rozelle Tram Depot

Inside the abandoned Rozelle Tram Depot

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