R&H Hall Waterford – The Former Mill Which Dominated Waterford’s North Quays

R&H Hall Abandoned

The North Quays in Waterford City, Ireland were abandoned a number of years and the most striking feature was this building called R&H Hall, a former mill which dominated the skyline in that part of the city. Waterford, of course, is best known for its infamous glass factory but R&H Hall was also a major employer at one time.

In the past, ships would come right into the city and the Quays saw lots of activity but when the cargo port moved down the river to Belview, much of the North Quays became abandoned and have remained so since, although the national bus company, Bus Eireann, do have a parking garage on the site. The main buildings and mills were demolished in 2016. The area was designated a Strategic Development Zone by the Irish government with the hopes of attracting development. In early 2017, the Saudi Al Hokair Group were revealed as investors willing to bring retail, commercial and residential development to the site.

One of the buildings famously had a gigantic poster covering it however it was torn off by wind in the storms of early 2014. This area isn’t far from the Ard Ri hotel which we previously discussed on World Abandoned. Both have been the subject of debate in the years following their abandonment however both areas now have developers working to bring a new lease of life to Waterford City’s North Quays.

Location: Waterford City, Ireland

Category: Factory

Abandoned: 1990s

The abandoned R&H Hall in Waterford

The main building in the R&H Hall complex

The R&H Hall buildings fell into a bad state of disrepair

The buildings have now been demolished

A sign telling people to keep out

A notice to keep out by Port of Waterford







The green silos which towered over Waterford's North Quays

The view from the road of the R&H Hall mill in Waterford

The R&H Hall factory lay abandoned for years

The Waterford North Quays are set for major development

The abandoned R&H Hall silos in Waterford

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