Port Arthur Penitentiary – An Abandoned Prison In Tasmania

Port Arthur Abandoned Prison

Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia began life in 1833 as a penal colony for British and Irish convicts and was meant to be toughest of all the prisons in Australia, said to be inescapable like Alcatraz in California. The prison was abandoned in 1877 and bought in 1889. The new owners began tearing down the buildings and fires in 1895 and 1897 destroyed the old prison house. There was also damage caused by a number of earth tremors. The former prison has since become popular with tourists.

In 1996, the worst post-war massacre in Australian history happened at Port Arthur when Martin Bryant from Hobart killed 35 people and wounded 23 more with the majority happening at the former prison complex.

The ghost tours that take place in Port Arthur are famous and more information can be found at www.portarthur.org.au/

Join a lantern-lit walking tour to experience the Port Arthur Historic Site by night. Port Arthur can seem a very different place after sunset, full of mystery and intrigue.

Unlike many other ghost tours around the world, visitors on our Ghost Tours have exclusive access to our World Heritage listed Site, so the atmosphere won’t be shattered by crowds or traffic.

Are there ghosts? Truth or myth? Either way, the silence and soft glow of the lantern light can sometimes make those long gone seem very close at hand.

Darkness falls and a hidden side of historic Port Arthur emerges. This is a different place after sunset, full of mystery and intrigue. Flickering lantern light draws you close to hear tales from long ago.

Rich storytelling and pathways through darkened ruins and heritage buildings reveal bizarre occurrences during Port Arthur’s history, baffling and alarming convicts, free settlers, soldiers and today’s visitors alike.

Listen to first hand accounts of prisoners and soldiers that will resonate in your mind long after the lantern dims at the end of the night.

Location: Port Arthur, Australia

Category: Prison

Abandoned: 1877

The Abandoned Port Arthur prison in Tasmania

Cell windows at Port Arthur Prison

Full view of Port Arthur Prison

An entrance to the abandoned Port Arthur Prison

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