Old Lodge – An Abandoned House in New York State

Old Lodge was built around 1890 in Tomkin’s Cove, New York and has been a hotel and private residence over the years. There are also reports that the building once served as a children’s camp however there appears to be no recent records and the house lies abandoned and derelict.

Not much information can be found in research about the building however it now seems to be in a very dangerous state. The unstable state of disrepair within this Old Lodge will take more than a cleaning service to ever make it usable again. As seen in the photos, the ceilings are crumbling, right along with the structure itself. Therefore entering the building is not wise due to the lack of safety, and the surplus of possible danger.

Tomkin’s Cove itself is located north of New York City near Bear Mountain State Park. The village began life as a lime mine and was named after its founders Calvin and Daniel Tomkins. Similar abandoned buildings exist in the nearby countryside making for an eerie location.

Location: Tomkins Cove, New York, USA

Category: House

Abandoned: Unknown

Photos: Tom Slatin  More at: http://www.tomslatin.com/the-exploration-of-old-lodge/

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