New York Farmhouse – An Abandoned House in New York State

New York Farmhouse

Here in Europe, we see images of rural America on Television and in movies and find it intriguing. This particular farmhouse is typical of the images we see of the rural parts of New England and New York state. There’s particular interest in that area here in Ireland as a large number of emigrants made it their home after the famine of 1845 and the area has a strong connection with the island. Of course, the connection to the whole of Europe is strong too and tales of the Boston Tea Party and the original settlement of the area are part of history lessons in school. Understandably, we find old fashioned American farmhouses like this fascinating.

This particular farmhouse was abandoned around 1988 however there isn’t a lot of information about why or indeed, the history of the location. The fantastic photographs were taken by Tom Slatin who we’re big fans of here at World Abandoned.

Location: New York State, USA

Category: House

Abandoned: Approx 1988

Photos: Tom Slatin  More at:

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