Meridian TV Studios – Southampton’s Abandoned Television Centre

Meridian TV Studios

Meridian TV Studios was part of The Television Centre in Southampton, England which it shared with TVS and Southern. The site was built in 1967, vacated in 2004 and left abandoned for a brief period. It was finally demolished in 2008.

The studio was built by Southern, part of the ITV network. It housed 2 large production studios for TV and film and the station’s news studios. In 1981, TVS took over from Southern and built a number of extensions including a new car park, scenery blocks, production offices and an office block connected to the studios by an elevated walkway.

In 1991 Meridian took over the franchise licence from TVS and moved into the studio even though they hadn’t originally intended on doing so. Eventually in 2000, Grenada & Carlton merged to form ITV plc and took control of all the TV franchises. It was decided to shut down the smaller regional studios with Southampton being one of the ones to be closed. The site is now empty awaiting potential redevelopment.

Some notable programmes made in Southampton were Fraggle Rock, Art Attack and Worzel Gummidge.

Location: Southampton, England

Category: TV Studio

Abandoned: 2004

Meridian TV Studios

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