Mary Kathleen – An Australian Ghost Town

Mary Kathleen

Mary Kathleen is probably one of the strangest names for a town we’ve ever heard but it was once a bustling mining centre in north-western Queensland, Australia. It was located between the towns of Mount Isa and Cloncurry. Now, however, the town is a ghost town, abandoned by its population and is a favourite location of the country’s urban explorers and adventure tourists. Its isolation makes for an eerie, desolate location.

The town was first settled in the 1860s and in 1954, a significant deposit of uranium was found on the site. A mine was built and between 1958 and 1963, 4080 tonnes of uranium oxide was extracted from the site. The mine reopened from 1972 until 1982. The village, the mine and the mills were all dismantled in 1984 and only the pit remains.

Location: Queensland, Australia

Category: Ghost Town

Abandoned: 1984

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