Imperial Baths – An Abandoned Spa

Imperial Spa

Following on from the nearby Adler Hotel post from yesterday, the Imperial Baths are also located in the town of Sharon Springs. The town was well known for its sulphur baths, long rumoured to be the location of the fountain of youth which gave rise to spa tourism from the 1920s onwards.

The town is characterised by the strong rotten egg like smell that hits you as you enter the valley. The town itself has been described as a ghost town although recently has been undergoing a rebirth of sorts.

The Imperial Baths were built just before the Adler Hotel in 1927 on Main Street in Sharon Springs and it was designed large and elegant to impress visitors. The White Sulphur Springs Company built the baths and it could provide 5000 treatments a day. Today it lies abandoned.

Location: Sharon Springs, New York, USA

Category: Baths

Abandoned: 2000s

Imperial Baths

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  1. My Husband and I were out driving one day and happened upon the Hotel Adler,My god that is a wonderful piece of history!Is anyone is going to renovate this property?It is too pleasant to wreck,it has a history!In the event that you need to raise money,give tours pretty much as the building is now.My husband and I would love to walk through this piece of history. @Sylvia Powell.

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