Glenn Dale Hospital – An Abandoned Sanatorium near Washington DC

The abandoned Glenn Dale Hospital in Maryland

Glenn Dale Hospital was located in Prince Georges County in Maryland, USA and was one of the most important public health institutions in the Washington DC area. It was built in the 1930s and served primarily as a tuberculosis sanatorium, housing adults and children in separate buildings. In total there were 23 buildings, two of which were used for treatment. Other buildings included those used as patient dormitories, nurses residences, laundry, seclusion rooms, chapels and morgues. The buildings are connected by a series of underground tunnels, a common feature of such sanatoriums.

A corridor in the abandoned Glenn Dale Hospital

A corridor inside the abandoned Glenn Dale Hospital. It has become home to animals such as bats and rats.

The Glenn Dale Hospital campus was located in the Glenn Dale area of Maryland, 13 miles (4.8km) from Washington DC in the open countryside, believed to be beneficial for treatment of tuberculosis. The hospital buildings featured terraces, widely used to move beds outside as it was thought fresh air and sunlight were helpful in the treatment of the disease. A vaccine was discovered in the 1940s and with the quickly declining number of tuberculosis cases, it was decided to open the hospital up to the treatment of other conditions. It served as a home for the criminally insane right up until its eventual closure.

A fire inspection of the building in 1976 was pretty damning. Issues relating to fire escapes, laundry chutes, cramped living quarters and unsafe materials violated health and safety codes. Lead paint and asbestos were of particular concern. The estimated cost of bringing the building up to standard was $23 million and so it was decided to wind down operations. 370 patients were resident in the facility at the time and that number continued to reduce until Glenn Dale Hospital was finally closed in 1981.

A doorway into the abandoned Glenn Dale Hospital

A lot of debris has become dislodged from the buildings

The hospital passed into the hands of the District of Colombia and they sold it to Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission in 1994 with a proviso written into law that it must be used as a continuing care retirement community even if sold. Indeed, efforts to sell the property were unsuccessful when the MNCPPC deemed the bidders unable to comply with conditions to run a retirement community and the sale fell through. Glenn Dale Hospital was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2011.

The main building of the abandoned Glenn Dale Hospital

The main Glenn Dale Hospital building. Note the context of some of the graffiti.

Below are also some stories about the alleged hauntings in Glenn Dale Hospital, considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in the Washington DC area

There were underground tunnels running from building to building. When the hospital closed in 1981, many of the patients were turned out onto the street. With no relations and no money, they would return to the abandoned Glenn Dale, the only home they knew.

Today, Glenn Dale is condemned and dangerous. The police patrol the area. Asbestos runs rampant. Upper floors have caved in. Also, there are tales of strange things happening.

One of them involves a police officer who was checking the area out alone. Someone across the street heard gunshots and back-up was brought in. They found the officer standing, frozen, staring straight ahead, unable to speak. He had shot off all his rounds at something that was never found.

The morgue is supposedly a hot spot for paranormal activity. It’s located deep inside the main adult hospital building. People have reported hearing strange noises in the hospital and seeing the ghosts of patients who died there.

The hauntings seem to take place in the two structures closest to the road on your right. Most doors and windows have been broken out and abandoned medical equipment is scattered everywhere within the buildings. Sightings have included a large pack of ghost dogs, ghostly patients wandering the second floor, and smoke coming from the crematorium.

People have also complained of noises such as banging and yelling coming from the hospital walls hear screams and sometimes laughter. Inside there is sometimes a strong odour of burning flesh and smoke coming from where they used to burn the bodies. In one particular room there is said to be sightings of a man in a straight jacket who went insane after watching his family being murdered by an intruder to his home while he hid in a closet. He was so overcome with the guilt that he didn’t help his family that he went insane and eventually killed himself when he broke into the room where they kept the medication and overdosed.

Location: Prince Georges County, Maryland, USA 🇺🇸
Abandoned: 1981


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  1. We use to go there all the time in the late 80’s early 90’s. There was still paper work from the patients and wheel chairs and other medical equipment. There were colony’s of bats. Someone brought a gun with us and was shooting down the long corridor (the floor was checkered). There were a few bums there (quietly minding their business) but very weird because it was pitch dark and we would walked into a room and boom there would be like 3 people sitting in a group on the floor. When we went to the roof you could see a spot light a few miles away where (I was told security was). No security guards or police would show up though you could hear a pack of dogs going crazy. A friend of mine slipped down the hill near the road we parked at, she literally took out a baby tree that was freshly planted. I probably visited Glenn Dale more than 30 times back then, I’m sure I probably have lung issues from going.

  2. This is definitely on my list of places to investigate when I become a Paranormal Investigator! I’ll obviously ask permission to enter and stuff! Hopefully the place is still standing a few years from now!

    1. If it’s anything like my visit you’ll be pleasantly surprised. This hospital former hospital has ghosts associated with it. My sister and I went to Glendale back in I believe 2004. We went to the trailer to ask the police there if we could walk the grounds as we were paranormal investigators. That was not true, but considering the things I’ve seen it wasn’t far from the LIE.

      I had a voice activated remote microphone with me and I kept it on at all times. We did not see anything unusual, although the grounds including some of the buildings we went into were quite creepy and dilapidated. As we left the area which was approximately 2 hours later than we arrived, I listened to my tape recorder. Very plainly my sister and I both heard on the recorder. ” Thank you, I love you. We both knew there was no one else there with us the entire time. Afterwards we went to my sister’s house and ask her daughter which one of us said this, and she replied neither one of you it sounds like the voice of a 9 or 10 year old girl. That place is haunted. I know it,! Proceed At your own caution.

  3. I went here for the first time tonight, my friends have been a few other times. The police don’t seem to care anymore because they’ve never seen them when they’ve came. We saw a few teenagers in the adult building smoking weed but that was the only interaction we had. Pretty cool place. We found one room on the 3rd floor I think that had a bunch of satanic shit. Basement was freaky

  4. I was arrested there for trespassing (as a college student) in 1999 – we weren’t even drinking or up to anything other than being curious. Probably best not to go inside.

  5. I found out today that my great grandfather was a patient there around 1941. I wish I had know that before I moved out of Maryland (Laurel). I wonder if there are any remaining records.

    1. I was looking for the same information, as I believe my grandmother may have been here as well, she passed in 1950 from the illness and I’m struggling to find info about her last years.

  6. I grew up in neighboring Anne Arundel County, and we went up here a few times and snuck around inside the adult hospital building, circa 1988. Tunnels were open then, and we explored them a little, but never went all the way between buildings. There was an open area on the roof that people used to party on. One time we ran into a group from Bowie that was up there drinking, smoking, generally carrying on. The shared some beer with us, and told us some of the better places to check out. The morgue was always a popular place to visit, and you could still slide out the metal tables from the body storage. We also took out a what seemed to be a drug requisition booklet we found in a filing cabinet. The only thing we recognized on there was Demerol. It was most likely our imagination, but once we got in the car to head home, we all started to feel itchy, and someone said it was probably the drug booklet we had taken, so I threw it out the window. The last time we went we got caught. We had heard all kinds of stories about what the park police would do to people they caught there, but the officer who caught us was pretty cool (very large African American man), and explained to us why it was closed (asbestos), and that it probably not a very healthy option for some weekend entertainment. He turned us loose, and we never went back…

  7. Best time of day to go? Went today midday and the roads were busy as hell so I didn't get to explore as much as I would've liked to. Probably bring a friend or two next time, not the best place to explore alone.

  8. ME AND A HUGE GROUP OF FRIENDS ARE PLANNING ON GOING IN SUMMER , is there a map of the place we wish to use a devil board i call it to get stuff knocking around in their .. we are kinda explorers we usually travel to abandoned (HAUNTED) buildings we usually get stuff knocking with Ouija boards ik dumb idea , but we only had luck with some weird creepy shit at a burned down factory it was pretty scary lol. we kinda hope to have fun..

  9. i ran from there yesterday when the cops rolled up they wont come in they said to my buddies that got caught its to dangerous to go in they had been there 10 years and had not gone in. and its not and asylum its an old tb hospital fyi. they had a helicopter looking for us they dont play games

  10. i ran from there yesterday when the cops rolled up they wont come in they said to my buddies that got caught its to dangerous to go in they had been there 10 years and had not gone in. and its not and asylum its an old tb hospital fyi. they had a helicopter looking for us they dont play games

  11. The place has bats and rats and lots of water.
    Asbestos falling from ceiling.
    Very, very very dangerous.
    If trespassing at night Bring a Flashlight.
    Dangers of falling from higher floor.
    Stay away.
    Park Police will arrest and have Zero tolerance for Halloween trespassing

  12. Security is still there.
    My buddy had sex with his girl on the morgue tray, old rusty iron beds piled up crazy looking. They have welded barriers on most of the underground tunnels, boards are pretty darn well secured but you can get them off.
    As spooky as ever in 2014.
    Mass Howler

  13. I got busted there by Park Police. I had been 4 times before with no issue but the time I bring 2 other photogs who didn't care about being stealthy we get busted. 24 hours community service. :-/

  14. Ahhhh memories. Just came across this site. You all should have seen the place in the early 1980s. Still structurally sound, some vandalism and not much graffiti. The tunnels were still open between the buildings (hint they are near the morgue in the adult building). The problem with the tunnels was they were narrow and dark. If you had a group of people going through them and you were that last guy…watch out. Why? as you went through the tunnel and if you were that last end guy cops or other people could enter the tunnel from behind you and you couldn't run as it's single file so all you see is a distant light coming at you if you're that last guy in line in that tunnel. One time about half the student body of our high school organized a trip there one night (word of mouth) and there was like 50 people going through all the buildings, smashing stuff, flashlights everywhere, noise. They brought in tons of police, helicopters, dogs. scary stuff when the cops are afraid to go in because of the amount of people inside so they release the dogs inside for you. talk about jumping out windows when a german shepherd if flying at you in the dark! The main children's building has a long field out front leading up to it. It's a good couple of football fields. Now..imagine running through that field with cops and helicopters at night chasing after you…ahhh to be a teenager again. If you go there kiddos, don't bring a bunch of idiot friends with you that like to cause trouble as the cops don't mess around at that place…or at least they didn't 30 years ago. True story by the way…have fun!

  15. I think the tunnel is filled with water now. One of the cooler places to go was in the doctors quarters near the childrens hospital. At the time, they almost looked lived in with books everywhere and nice furniturein around.

  16. The morgue is on the ground floor of the adult building … on the backside of the building.
    It was always the first place we stumbled upon when we would go in there (1987). There is also a theatre in that building that is pretty cool to see. When we went, we took the tunnel underground across to the childrens hospital which is much cooler but closer to the guard station. There was a room with a chair bolted to the floor and a HUGE clown face on the floor in front of it. We found straight jackets in the adult building and there used to be sound proof rooms in there too …

  17. So I went there today, the adult building, the first floor, walking passed an elevator on my right hand side. And the deeper i walked the stranger the rooms looked. There was an opening, and the floors were like, pitted? They had like over laps and guides for what looked like liquid? I don't know. then I went into a room, and smelled this burning scent. this smokey scent. I din't know what it was. Can anyone tell me where the location of the morgue is?

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