Frontier Hotel and Casino – Abandoned On The Las Vegas Strip

The New Frontier Hotel and Casino was located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was the second resort to open on the strip in 1942 and closed in 2007. The building was demolished after lying abandoned for 6 months. There are plans to build the Las Vegas Plaza hotel and casino in it’s place but this has not happened yet.

The resort famously held Elvis Presley’s first Vegas appearance in 1956 and the Supremes in 1970. In 1988, the resort was bought by Margaret Elardi who began downscaling and it became no longer financially viable. The video below is the actual implosion of the hotel.

The following are reviews from TripAdvisor

“The New Frontier is anything but new. And oddly enough, that brought a lot of charm to the place. It felt like old Vegas. But, the oldness also brought a lack of amenities and treatment that you expect with a Vegas hotel. The showiness was missing. The old slots and carpets made it feel dirty, even though it was cleaned often, as witnessed by seeing the cleaning staff running around. If you are looking for a time machine trip, this is your place. Otherwise, get somewhere more modern.”

“I have stayed in a lot of hotels and have never paid so much for so little and I didn’t pay very much. It was the nastiest place, they should charge by the hour. Rooms were filthy, had to pay extra for utilities, our door wouldn’t close, no non-smoking rooms and they smell smoking, furnishings out of my great grandmother’s nursing home, all the facilities were outdated and unusual…several haven’t been used in years, gross bathroom with a faulty shower and no warm water, I got the flu after staying there…99% sure it came from there. I had no choice but to stay here as I was in Vegas for a conference and all the hotels on the strip were booked except for this dump, now I know why.”

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Category: Hotel

Abandoned: 2007

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