Foxborough State Hospital – An Abandoned Hospital in Massachusetts

Foxborough State Hospital

Foxborough State Hospital is located in Massachusetts and opened in 1889. The buildings were subsequently left abandoned and some fantastic pictures and YouTube videos remain of it in it’s derelict state. In 2005, many of them were turned into shopping areas and apartments however some were torn down. There are a number of buildings that remain standing and unused.

As usual with buildings like this, there are a number of urban legends and ghost stories like the ones below –

“Doors closing, Sounds that come from nowhere, shadows moving, and other strange things happen all the time. My farther worked there in the 70’s when they closed and he says that many interesting things happened there at night when everyone was asleep. Things turning themselves on for example…There is a bowling alley in the basement and the pins were manually set. There was no machine. I remember one day being one of the only people in the building and hearing bowling balls and going down there and seeing the pins set-up that were not before.”

“The buildings still remain, and strange things do happen. For instance you could hear and see the outside doors trying to be pushed out, as if they were trying to escape. Some also say it could be homeless people in living in there. Others believe these are the spirits that have been beaten severely or have been tortured. Reported by a former employee at the hospital during the 1980s that Buildings A and B where freezing no matter what the weather was. Doors slam shut, and the feeling of being watched.”

Location: Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA

Category: Hospital

Abandoned: Unknown



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