Charles Lindbergh Grave Site and Its Serene Maui Chapel

Charles Lindbergh is celebrated as the first-ever solo aviator to achieve the remarkable feat of flying non-stop from New York City to Paris. As such, Lindbergh lived a life of great fame. Ironically, Lindbergh was born shy; it came as no surprise that the famous pilot chose a place of great privacy and tranquility as his final resting place.

Today, you can visit Charles Lindbergh’s famous gravesite located on the hallowed grounds of the Palapala Ho’nomau Church, Hana, Maui. The legend rests silently in the cool shades of a Java plum tree within the chapel grounds.

Charles Lindbergh’s Gravesite Background

After being introduced to Maui, Lindberg was instantly captivated by Maui’s simplicity, beauty, and privacy. He relocated to the region in 1968, settling in Kipahulu. Undoubtedly, Lindbergh had a particular fondness for Maui. When he discovered he had terminal cancer in 1974, Lindbergh decided he wouldn’t remain in the hospital in his final days. Instead, he chose to take one last flight; to his beloved Maui home.

On arrival, Lindbergh made a simple sketch showing the design of his grave and coffin. He requested to be buried on the Serene Maui Chapel grounds. At first, he wanted the Java plum tree to be uprooted for his burial; he was, however, convinced to let the tree remain.

Charles Lindbergh’s gravesite is located about a mile south of the Ohe’o Gulch and eight miles south of Hana. The gravesite generally overlooks the expansive blue ocean and the Hana coastline. The graveyard offers visitors a deep sense of vastness enriched by a feeling of isolation.

The Serene Maui Chapel

The chapel was constructed back in 1957 and was built using limestone coral. The famous Maui limestone church well represents the longevity of Lindbergh’s legendary life even though it was built before his death. Since the Maui church grounds offer a serene setting for reflection and meditation, it’s not surprising Lindbergh fell deeply in love with it; indeed, the chapel is located in the most peaceful part of the island.

Lindbergh eventually died on August 26th, 1974; his burial requests and wishes were honored to the letter. The gravesite is designed with a simple granite slab laid upon lava stones; it’s located in the graveyard behind the congregational church.

Visiting Lindbergh’s Gravesite

The Palapala Ho’omau Church is on the Makai side of Highway 31. Leading to the church is a narrow road around the mile marker 41. You’ll find a small sign pointing to the left; it reads ‘Limited Parking.’ Many tourists often miss the actual spot where Lindbergh’s remains lie on the tranquil church grounds.

Today, Lindbergh’s gravesite, the legend’s final resting place, ranks among the most popular stops one can find on the Road to Hana. Every year the gravesite attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Many visitors describe the surrounding scenery as the most beautiful part of the area.

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