Cass Technical High School – An Abandoned School in Detroit

Cass Tech School

The Cass Technical High School in Detroit was finally demolished in 2011 following its closure in 2005. The school simply moved to a new building next door however the old building remained abandoned for the 6 years in between, decaying like much of the city as a result of the financial crisis and changes to the motor industry which provided a large number of jobs in the area.

The building was originally constructed in 1917 and was extended in 1985 however there was a need for a new, modern facility and so in 2004, a new building opened on Grand River Avenue adjacent to the original building. Plans were made for demolition following a fire in 2007 and it was eventually demolished.

Cass Technical High School was built in the early 1900s and was considered one of the city’s landmarks. The decision to have the school demolished met with strong opposition given the architectural significance within the surrounding area. There were calls to renovate instead however it appeared that the option might not only be costly but impractical given out-dated utilities. In the end, the school moved to the new building and much of the furniture and fittings were left as they were. According to Detroit Urbex, the plan was to remove everything but as the years went by, their value depreciated and they were left. Even though a fire ripped through the building in 2007, it was still 4 years before the building was dismantled.

The photographs below show original photographs of when the school was in operation over the abandoned ones taken later. The effect, as you can see, is quite striking.

Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Category: School

Abandoned: 2005

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