Caldwell House – An Abandoned Scottish Castle

Caldwell House

We love hearing people’s experiences exploring abandoned places and were delighted to hear from Lewis Neilson. You can find him on Twitter at @neilson_lewis.

Here’s his account of Caldwell House in Uplawmoor, East Renfrewshire.

The house was built sometime between 1770 and 1773, there’s some confliction in dates.  Made for the Mure family, a very wealthy family that is! The estate stayed with the family until 1909.

In 1927 ish, the Govan Health Board turned it into a hospital for mentally handicapped children, this continued until 1985. During this time additional buildings were added such as the main boiler house and nurses accommodation and replacing the staircase with an elevator shaft.

After the closure of the home, the building was sold to a private man/ woman/ company and the idea was to convert it into a care home for the elderly but this never happened as the new owner left it to ruin and did very little to keep the building alive. In 1995 a serious fire ruined the whole interior and roof. As a result the council stepped in and had to make the place “safe” mostly by ripping down most of the place so it didn’t collapse on itself.

The building just now is a hollow shell of what it once was, no roof, bare walls and only the steel beams seem to be holding it together. Now when I posted my photos up, a former boss of mine commented on the photo, and turns out when she was born (1960’s) (ish) she had a sister who was staying at the house at the time, back when it was a hospital of course. I wasn’t able to get much information due to delicate nature of the situation, but her sister died inside of the house. My first thought was “wow, amazing, she has a real connection to the building” Of course its very sad she lost her sister. But now that she knows the building is still here, she plans to visit it and see where her sister lived, which a great way story, don’t you think? Reconnecting with the past.

Hope you guys find this of interest, I certainly love exploring and discovering the history of these old buildings.

Location: Uplawmoor, East Renfrewshire, Scotland

Category: House/Hospital

Abandoned: 1985


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  1. I worked in the house when it was a home for the kids, laying new floorcovering & repairing floors at different times, between 1978 & 1985. It opened my eyes to the suffering of so many children, but also to the unconditional love they could show. Its quite sad that this old house is an empty shell now. B Donnelly

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