Adler Hotel – An Abandoned Hotel in New York State

Adler Hotel

The Adler Hotel was a hotel in Sharon Springs, New York with 150 rooms and five storeys. It operated from 1929 until 2004 when a new Korean-American investment group bought the property with plans to renovate however it remains abandoned.

The hotel was initially marketed at Jewish clientele who liked to visit Sharon Springs in summer. The hotel was built by Louis Adler for $250,000 however he sold it in the 1950s to Bernard and Hilda Wieder who had made a name for themselves by operating hotels in Florida. They bought it for $250,000 however sold it in 1971 for $75,000 to the Yarkony family. It closed in 1924.

Amazingly, the Adler Hotel can still be found on TripAdvisor and similar sites and the following review sums it up –

Okay, so my review of the Hotel Adler and Spa is a little misleading. I definitely would rate it a five star resort, but only if you’re an avid urban explorer or photographer. Unfortunately for everyone else, the Adler is no longer in business, although there have been talks of rehabilitating the hotel and reopening it. Until then, there’s no vacation to be had for conventional travellers here.

Location: Sharon Springs, New York

Category: Hotel

Abandoned: 2004

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