World Abandoned tells the story of forgotten places from all corners of the globe. Theme parks, airports, stadiums, hotels, shopping malls and even entire cities. Every abandoned place has a history and we’re interested in finding out what it is and sharing it.

World Abandoned began in 2011 when a conversation began about the vacant Ard Ri Hotel site near Waterford City’s North Quays. With Waterford being one of the regions most exposed to Ireland’s economic crisis, the city saw a large number of buildings being abandoned. We found ourselves asking why and the interesting answers we received gave us the idea to start World Abandoned as a way for those stories to reach a wider audience.

Although not keen urban explorers ourselves, we’re fascinated by the wonderful images of abandoned places from all over the world. We curate images and videos as a way of sharing the fascinating histories of these wonderful places. Images are sourced from royalty-free resources and no copyright infringement is intended. Videos are embedded from YouTube. If you do see something you would like removed or to claim credit for, please contact us.

Abandoned places are frequently redeveloped so it is possible that something you read here on World Abandoned is no longer true. We update where possible but information is generally correct at time of original publishing. Feel free to send any information you believe may be relevant.

Thank you for your interest in World Abandoned and we hope you find the story of these wonderful places as fascinating as we do.