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Theme parks, airports, stadiums, hotels, shopping malls and even entire cities. Some remain abandoned, being reclaimed by the elements while some have been demolished with little remaining beyond the pictures and videos you see here.

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The Ruins of Deertrail Resort

Nestled in picturesque Sooke, British Columbia, Canada, the Deertrail Resort is the abandoned dream of Albert Yuen and his dear wife. The ruins of the resort stand 1.5 kilometers past the entrance of Sooke Potholes Regional Park and along the Sooke River. So what happened to the uniquely planned Deertrail Resort? And what are the… Read More »The Ruins of Deertrail Resort

Reasons behind the abandoning and declination of North American cities

Urban decline is when a previously functioning city or neighborhood falls into disrepair and decrepitude. An abandoned or declining city has little or no income generated through tax and other means, which worsens its state. The social infrastructures are left to crumble, and activities meant to boost the economy gradually become inactive. A city experiencing… Read More »Reasons behind the abandoning and declination of North American cities