Ypsilanti State Hospital – An Abandoned Asylum in Michigan

Ypsilanti State Hospital was a facility for those with mental health problems just outside Saline, Michigan. It has now been demolished after lying abandoned for a number of years and falling into a dangerous state of disrepair.

Construction of the hospital began in 1930 and it took a year to complete. There were 922 patients in the first year of operation and expansions occurred after World War II to bring the population up to 4000, however the facility was grossly over stretched and reports of overcrowding were rampant throughout the time the hospital was open.

In 1991, the Governor of Michigan cut funding for state hospitals and Ypsilanti soon closed. A forensic centre on the site remained open until 2001. Many patients were turned out on the streets with nowhere to go and there was uproar throughout the state of Michigan and beyond. Toyota eventually bought the site to develop a technical facility and the hospital was torn down in 2006 after been abandoned for a number of years. Nothing remains.

One of the most interesting stories to come from the hospital is that of the Three Christs of Ypsilanti, in which three schizophrenic patients believed they were Jesus Christ. In a case study by Milton Rokeach and later published as a book, he put the three in contact with each other to determine whether it would affect their affirmations of being Jesus although there was little change, in fact they argued over which of them was the saviour and even came to blows on occasion.

As mentioned above, nothing remains of the hospital although you can see what it looked like in the period it was abandoned in the videos below. It has left a legacy of anger and outrage among those who were turned out in 1991 with nowhere to go.

Location: Saline, Michigan

Category: Hospital

Abandoned: 1991

Inside Ypsilanti State Hospital

The Three Christs of Ypsilanti


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