Yekaterinburg TV Tower – Russia’s Tallest Abandoned Structure

The Yekaterinburg TV Tower in Russia was once the tallest abandoned structure in the world although it has certainly been overtaken by skyscrapers in Detroit and elsewhere since the world financial crisis. It remains in situ overlooking the city of Yekaterinburg, unfinished. It is a stark reminder of the past for the city’s residents, harking back to the Soviet era when grandiose plans were put in place by the Communist regime.

The Yekaterinburg TV Tower was started in 1983 however as the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the tower was left incomplete and construction was never restarted. It has remained in its abandoned state for over 20 years, unfinished and towering over the city.

The tower was originally meant to stretch over 400 metres into the air however the completed section is only 26 stories tall, not including the base. The lift wasn’t completed so the only way to the top is up the stairs and it was open to the public until 2000. It was a favourite site of urban explorers and base jumpers and earned the name “The Fun Tower” as a result however it also began to attract people wanting to jump to their death and soon became known as “The Suicide Tower”. Due to the number of deaths associated with the building, the authorities have sealed up the entrance and it is now inaccessible.

Plans were laid a few years ago to complete the project however they’ve since fallen by the wayside and the abandoned tower remains incomplete, dominating the skyline of Yekaterinburg.

Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia

Category: Tower

Abandoned: 1991

The abandoned Yekaterinburg TV Tower


An aerial view of the Yekaterinburg TV Tower

The base of the Yekaterinburg TV Tower



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