Sea View Hospital – An Abandoned Tuberculosis Hospital

Sea View Hospital was built between 1905 and 1938 as a tuberculosis hospital. It is located in what is now a national historic district in Willowbrook on Staten Island in New York. The hospital was specially designed and commissioned to deal with the disease and was designed with the best technology of the day. It was the largest and most costly facility for the treatment of Tuberculosis in the USA.

There were 4 dorms for women and 4 for men that stretched out from the centre. It was opened in 1913. The first extension was built in 1920 but as a result of new drugs coming to treat the disease, the number of people using the hospital dropped dramatically and in the 1960s it was converted to a geriatric hospital before being closed in the 1970s. It remains abandoned however the 37 buildings are classed as national historical landmarks.

Some of the existing buildings have been repurposed and include a rehabilitation centre, volunteer fire and ambulance services and an independent living facility.

Location: New York, USA

Category: Hospital

Abandoned: 1970s

Seaview Hospital is now quite an eerie place

A view of the Seaview Hospital

Windows in the Sea View Hospital

Inside Seaview Hospital



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