San Zhi Pod City – A Ghost Town In Taiwan

San Zhi Pod City was built in 1978 near Tamsui, not too far from Taipai on the northern coast of Taiwan and marketed at American soldiers stationed in nearby East Asian countries and wealthy Taiwanese who would buy the properties as second homes. The soldiers would find it a home away from home, a futuristic haven, very much similar to the designs for Tomorrowland and Its A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow as envisaged by Walt Disney in his theme parks and before that, at the New York World Fair. The buildings were designed to resemble Futuro houses and were constructed by the Hung Kuo Group. They’ve come to be known as the San Zhi UFO houses. They were equipped with a number of modern conveniences and technologies still strange to Taiwan. It was very much a precursor for what the country would soon become and perhaps, the designers were aware of this. However, it was the country’s traditional beliefs that were to be the project’s undoing.

In 1980, the project was abandoned for financial reasons due to a major loss in investment over a number of car accidents during construction which were said to have been caused by the unlucky act of bisecting the Chinese dragon sculpture located near the resort gates for widening the road to the buildings. Other superstitions said the resort was built on an ancient burial ground and a number of alleged sightings of ghosts prompted many to believe the resort had actually been abandoned because it was haunted. Ironically, it became a ghost town, abandoned and left decaying with a widely held fear among locals that should the area be disturbed again, the spirits which plagued the original development would return. As a result, developers interested in what is prime real estate near Taipai were warned off by locals and the government eventually had to intervene to do something with the San Zhi area.

For years, debate raged over what to do with the famous San Zhi UFO houses of the future with many calls for some of the buildings to be retained as a museum however in 2008, they were all destroyed making way for a resort and water park. Many photos and videos remain however as the site was popular amongst urban explorers before its demolition.

Location: Taipai, Taiwan

Category: Ghost Town

Abandoned: 1980

The abandoned pods at San Zhi have been likened to UFOs

The pods at San Zhi were never inhabited

The remains of one of the San Zhi Pod City homes

What remains of San Zhi Pod City


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