Prehistoric Forest – An Abandoned Theme Park In Michigan

Prehistoric Forest in Irish Hills, Michigan opened in 1963 and featured 63 animatronic dinosaurs and even a volcano that spewed out smoke. There was a water slide and a maze and a train that would take you through the park however in 1999, it closed with no reason given and was left abandoned. The fibre glass dinosaurs were created by sculptor James Q. Sidwell and have been vandalised in recent years. Some of the features have been sold on but the park itself remains up for sale and has begun to fall into disrepair. It has become popular with local urban explorers and attempts have been made to keep intruders out.

This is a review from Yelp just before the closure –

Seems kind of pointless to review this now that it’s closing at the end of summer but I’m gonna. We passed by this place every year since we were first dating and always giggled and made fun of how cheesey it looked. It was one of those places you thought you should go to for a joke but if it closed and you didn’t know it, you would’ve kind of shrugged your shoulders and moved on. But now that it IS closing, we wanted to make sure we saw it. For $13 with the online coupon, we got the prehistoric forest and Mystery Hill combo. (You can also do the mini golf inside and some water balloon slingshot thingy too) We were the only adult couple without kids there but didn’t care.

First was Mystery Hill. An optical illusion house built on a tilt that REALLY screws with your equilibrium. We were cracking up laughing and laughing with other people in there. It was really fun when you made it through without puking! It was the highlight for us doing their little illusions and such. The prehistoric forest is just as cheesy as you’d expect given the mache-esque dino’s lurking in the lot but still kinda fun. The kiddies get to dig for “fossils” and you can pose with certain dinosaurs lurking in the forest. At the end are some funhouse mirrors, one of those things you stick your head in for a photo op and a demonstration of how they make the dinosaurs.

It’s sad the place will be closing at the owners retirement at the end of the month. If you ever wanted to go, now is the time.

Location: Irish Hills, Michigan, USA

Category: Theme Park

Abandoned: 1999

Prehistoric Forest Amusement Park Sign

Prehistoric Forest Amusement Park Abandoned

Prehistoric Forest Amusement Park Abandoned Dinosaur


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