Pontotoc – A Ghost Town in Texas

The state of Texas is home to a number of ghost towns, once bustling during the days of the old west but since forgotten as the cowboys became a thing of the past. Many of these towns can still be seen, some even preserved in a state similar to what they were during the days of the Wild West, while some such as this one are mainly just ruins, although surprisingly, some people still live there.

The ghost town of Pontotoc is located of the Texas 71 highway in Mason County, about an hour north of Fredericksburg. At one stage it was on the cusp of being a Texas boom town but through a number of unfortunate events, it became deserted. The town was established in 1878, although was first settled in 1859. The San Fernando Academy opened in 1882. Just 5 years later, most of the town was wiped out by typhoid. The academy became a public school and shut in 1927. The planned railroads never materialised and a fire which began in the theatre in 1947 destroyed most of the buildings. The town lay nearly abandoned for years, with only a small population remaining.

In 2003, the farmhouse was purchased by Carl Money and since then he’s bought most of the abandoned town. He purchased what remained of a post office, theatre, store and barbershop among other buildings. His plan is to open the ghost town to tourists with its own vineyard and winery. He wants to turn the old San Fernando Academy into a space for special events. Already he has planted a 4 acre vineyard and restored both the farmhouse and exterior of the strip centre buildings. The winery is now located in what was once the old general store that was built in 1902 and should open soon. Work will begin on the theatre after that. Two other wineries, Dotson-Cervantes and Akashic, will open on site.

Location: Pontotoc, Texas

Category: Ghost Town

Abandoned: 1947

A sign for Pontotoc, Texas

A wall of a building in Pontotoc

The remains of a building in Pontotoc

A ruined building in Pontotoc

A building with no roof in Pontotoc


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