Kłomino – A Polish Ghost Town

They call Kłomino the only ghost town in Poland and it is recognised as such by the Polish government. It is located near Szczecinek in north-western Poland and was originally called Westfalenhof when it was a garrison town for the German Wehrmacht. It was renamed Grodek after World War II and became a base for the Red Army. The town was practically invisible to the West, appearing only on Russian military maps and was eventually abandoned after the fall of the Iron Curtain with the Red Army leaving for good in 1993.

A POW camp was opened at Kłomino in 1939 by the Germans and was used for both Polish soldiers and civilians and later, French soldiers following the invasion of France. The base was liberated by the Soviet Union in 1945 and the Red Army took permanent possession of it, keeping it as Soviet territory on Polish soil. The town became off limits to anyone but the Red Army. When they eventually pulled out in 1993, the Polish military stepped in and the government began the process of selling the entire village. No buyers were found and nobody seemed keen to settle in Kłomino. It has remained ALMOST abandoned ever since.

Unbelievably, the town is not completely empty. The current population is 5 and although there are no shops, buses or other services, none of those in residence are interested in leaving, happy to live in the former Soviet ghost town and away from the rest of the world.

This is the actual advert used by the Polish government to try sell Kłomino:

Complete ex-Soviet military village capacity for over 1,000 families, 82.78 ha of land with its own lake and barrack style buildings, 11 buildings in varying condition including a firing range and canteen. Nearest town 4 km. Offers invited around 2 million euros. Only partial information available as costs will vary depending on type of project proposed and subsequent EU subsidy availability.

Location: Kłomino, Poland

Category: Ghost Town

Abandoned: 1993

An apartment building in the Polish ghost town of KlominoThe ghost town of Klomino in PolandRuins of an apartment building in KlominoKlomino is Poland's only ghost town

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