Disney’s Pop Century Legendary Years – The Resort That Never Was

Disney’s Pop Century Resort in Walt Disney World, Florida was supposed to have 2 identical sections – The Classic Years (1950-1999) and The Legendary Years (1900 – 1949) however due to the September 11th attacks and subsequent slump in tourism, only the first half was finished and The Legendary Years building on the opposite side of the lake was left unfinished and abandoned. It lay derelict for a number of years, unused although visible from certain areas of the park, most notably from The Classic Years part of the resort.

In 2010, Disney decided to start work on the building and changed the concept to the Art Of Animation Resort based on some of its best loved characters. The below video shows the period the building was abandoned while the text is the announcement made on the Disney Parks blog about the Art Of Animation rebuilding which is now open.

Big news… we’ve just announced plans for a new resort at Walt Disney World Resort that’ll bring to life some of our most beloved characters and stories. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort will be one-of-a-kind, featuring family suites designed around four themes: The Lion King, Cars, Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid.

It’s a resort designed with families in mind. There will be amazing sights at the different themed wings of the resort, including a model of King Triton that’ll eventually be 35 feet tall and tower over guests. And Disney’s Art of Animation Resort will also have themed room interiors in its nearly 2,000 new units — 1,120 family suites in The Lion King, Cars and Finding Nemo wings and 864 themed rooms in The Little Mermaid wings. Suites will have both a living room and a bedroom, offering added space.

All of the themed suites and rooms at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort (to be located adjacent to Disney’s Pop Century Resort) are expected to open by the end of 2012.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World Resort is finally finished and thriving. It boasts spacious family suites, with bright colourful designs and most importantly a working, finished and fun resort. It has the magical touch of Disney, bringing some of their best loved characters to life. It is now a place where families can make memories as opposed to the overgrown, unfinished ghost town it once was.

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Category: Hotel

Abandoned: 2001

Disney's Pop Century Art Of Animation

Formerly abandoned Disney's Pop Century Legendary Years


Disney's Pop Century Legendary Years as it was when abandoned

And how it looks now as Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort:

Disney's Art Of Animation Resort

Disney's Art Of Animation Resort swimming pool

Disney's Art Of Animation Resort

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