City Road – An Abandoned London Underground Station

City Road was a London Underground station located in Islington. It was built as part of the City & South London Railway which is now part of the Northern Line. The station was part of an extension from Moorgate to Angel and opened on 17th November 1901. It is located between Old Street and Angel.

City Road was underused and its closure was first discussed in 1908. Despite this, the station remained operational until 8th August 1922 when the Northern Section of the City & London Railway was closed to increase the size of the tunnels to the standard underground diameter of 3.56 metres from the existing 3.2 metres. Because the passenger numbers were so few, the extension of platform tunnels was deemed unnecessary on financial grounds. The station remained closed when the rest of the line reopened in 1924. The lift shaft was turned into a ventilation shaft and the platforms were removed. It was subsequently used as an air-raid shelter in World War II.

The building remained abandoned for a considerable period of time and was eventually demolished in the 1960s. Underground however, the remains of the station can still be seen.

Location: London, England

Category: Railway

Abandoned: 1922

City Road  Underground
City Road  Underground station

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