Cavtat Mansion – An Abandoned Building in Croatia

This abandoned mansion is located near the Hotel Albatros in Cavtat, Croatia however there is little to suggest what the previous use of the building was. It is perhaps a house however information is hard to come by.

The village of Cavtat itself is a small fishing village located south of Dubrovnik and is a popular destination with tourists. Below is a brief history of the area.

Today’s Cavtat lies on the site of the old Greek settlement of Epidaurum that was founded around the 4th century BC. Romans took over in 228 BC and renamed it in Epidaurus. As a Roman colony, Epidaurus was highly developed and, according to some historians, had around 40.000 inhabitants in the 4th century AD.

It is assumed that the archaeological site near todays Cavtat represents remains of the old Roman amphitheater. There are many other reminders of the Roman rule, like remains of city walls, theatre, rustic villas, epigraphic monuments and tombs.

After the invasion of Slavs in the 7th century, the majority of Cavtat citizens fled toward northwest and founded the new town – Ragusa, todays Dubrovnik, at the foot of Srd hill.

Some legends mention Cavtat as the darling of the gods, nature and people. Other legend connects the name of Cavtat with the old Croatian verb “captiti”, which means “to flourish”

At first, Slavic Cavtat had come under Travunja (todays Trebinje), and in the 15th century became a part of the famous Dubrovnik Republic, sharing its glorious history.

Location: Cavtat, Croatia

Category: House

Abandoned: Unknown

Palms at an abandoned house in Croatia

an abandoned house in Cavtat, Croatia

Exterior of an abandoned house in Croatia

2 thoughts on “Cavtat Mansion – An Abandoned Building in Croatia

  • February 3, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    See coments on You Tube – apparently a chicldren's hospital, abandoned during the Homelands war. What we saw inside wwould bear that out…definitely didn't look like any domestic residence.


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