Bush Stadium – An Abandoned Stadium in Indianapolis

Bush Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana was home to Minor League Baseball’s Indianapolis Indians from the time it was built in the 1930s until 1997 when it was turned into a dirt track and renamed 16th Street Speedway and subsequently abandoned. It went by other names such as Perry Field and Victory Field before becoming Bush Stadium, named after Major League Baseball player Donnie Bush.

Demolition on Bush Stadium began in March 2012 in order to make way for an apartment complex. The design of the new apartments keeps much of the original stadium infrastructure and actually keeps the baseball diamond in the design. In fact,  the apartment buildings are even being built in the same shape of the old stadium so it now looks like it did when in use as a baseball stadium which you must admit, would be an interesting place to live.

We’ve heard of rollercoasters in Six Flags New Orleans being salvaged and sent to other parks and this is another interesting idea for the contents of an abandoned building. A group wanting to save the seats of Bush Stadium! Makes for great reading!

Mission: To save the seats in Bush Stadium from demolition and repurpose them for bus stops and community spaces throughout Indianapolis.

The Idea

In the spring of 2012, Bush Stadium will be renovated into a housing/condo complex. The near 11,000 orange and yellow folding bucket-seats are slated for demolition in Indianapolis, IN.

The Body

The chair is perhaps the most fundamental piece of furniture for the body. It allows us to work, to watch, to enjoy each other’s company, or most simply, to rest. It is designed specifically for comfort, and in the public realm, it almost always serves as a place for inbetweeness. We sit while eating a food-cart lunch, while chatting on the phone, and while waiting for the bus. In relocating the Bush Stadium seats, the same chair will relate differently to the body. What was once a seat for watching a game, becomes a seat for engaging the urban landscape. As part of an urban infrastructure, the chair’s utility will increase, providing the body a place to rest while waiting for the bus or exploring a community park.

The Details

With this idea, we are matching a resource with a need. We have begun working with IndyGo, who had identified several stops that are too small for shelters, but large enough for seating. We also anticipate that numerous Indianapolis communities, neighbourhoods, and parks could benefit from these seats.

We plan to collaborate with several local agencies to help facilitate the removal and restoration of the seats. As they begin populating the city, their bright orange and yellow colors will represent both newness and innovation, while also acknowledging and respecting a famous Indianapolis landmark.

This proposal promotes the reuse of an existing commodity as an urban solution to an urban need. More specifically, relocating the stadium seating at bus stops, urban greenways and community spaces throughout Indianapolis not only saves thousands of cubic feet in local landfills, but also creates an identifiable sense of place and history within our built environment. In short, the body can always use another place to sit.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Category: Stadium

Abandoned: 1997

Cars parked in the abandoned Bush Stadium

The interior of Bush Stadium in Indianapolis

The front of Bush Stadium in Indianapolis

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