Botanic Gardens – An Abandoned Underground Station in Glasgow

The Botanic Gardens Underground Station was a train station on the Glasgow Underground network located near Kelvinside in Glasgow’s West End. Originally built in 1896 by Glasgow Central Railway, the station was on ground level while the platforms were underground. The station closed in 1939 and the entire line closed in 1964. The building itself remained in use as a cafe, nightclub and plumbers shop. It was destroyed by fire in 1970 and left abandoned.

This account from the urban exploration forum at is about a visit to the station. There’s lots of photos and videos there. Also the video below is from the amazing  –

I visited the Botanics station a few times when I was younger and went to school locally, had some good times exploring the tunnels and even came across the odd tramp! Perhaps the one I fell onto didn’t share my excitement 😮

I remember one time when we walked down the far tunnel that the local homeless people had strung sheets up across the tunnel to make rooms. Also got stuck in the tunnel a couple of times after hearing strange noises and other people in the station.

We also tried the Kelvinbridge tunnel, it was good until we reached a large metal fence, undeterred we decided to try and circumnavigate the fence until a train whistled past on the way to Patrick station so we decided to give that a pass and stick to the deserted stations like the Botanics and Bridgeton etc.

I remember years ago we considered trying to access the tunnel from Otago St but decided on the long walk from the Botanics instead. A couple of times the big stell doors have been open, presumably when they are inspecting the cables laid in the tunnel.

We also tried to brave the Kelvinhall tunnel under Yorkhill but gave up as it was shin deep in pigeon shit and made your eyes water!

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Category: Railway

Abandoned: 1939



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