Bokor Hill Station – An Abandoned Colonial Hotel In Cambodia

Bokor Hill Station in Preah Monivong National Park, Cambodia was built in the 1920s by French colonists wanting to escape the heat and humidity of the capital Phnom Penh. The main feature of the resort was the Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino. Because of the remote mountain location, building the resort was labour intensive and nearly 900 people lost their lives during construction. Besides the Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino there was a post office, shops, church and royal apartments. At the time of its operation it was known for its luxury and grandeur and was one of the crown jewels of France’s South East Asian colonies.

The town was abandoned by the French in the first Indochina war of the 1940s. By the time that ended, the new Kingdom of Cambodia was created and Bokor Hill Station was used by the royals and nobility of the country. In 1970 the Khmer Republic was created when the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia and Bokor Hill Station was abandoned. Such elegance created by their former colonial rulers had no place in their socialist plans. The Khmer Rouge used Bokor Hill Station as a stronghold during the Vietnamese invasion of 1979.

The Cambodian government plans to redevelop the site, returning it to its former purpose as a tourist resort. Currently, Bokor Hill Station gets a large number of tourists and the government have leased the site to Sokimex Group who have undertaken repair to access routes. New hotels will be build nearby, returning the area to the purpose intended by the French nearly 100 years ago.

The following is an account of a trip to Bokor Hill Station by an American couple, Steve and Stef.

The day after we arrived in Kampot, we saw examples of the Khmer Rouge rampage when we visited Bokor Hill Station near Kampot. In it’s hey-day, there was a hotel, casino and church on top of Bokor Hill, that thrived on the exuberance of the wealthy. However, when the Khmer Rouge took over, they completely decimated the place, and it’s true to say the place is a ghost town. Walking through the old hotel you can almost sense the spirits. The Khmer Rouge took everything from it, including the wiring inside the walls. You can see where mortar shells have blown through windows and blown apart stairwells. As the mist drew in as we were there, it gave a real sense of the ghostly sadness of the place; not a place you’d want to be at night. However, it is a good place to visit to see the effects of the Khmer Rouge years, without having to see the torture that took place.

Location: Kampot, Cambodia

Category: Ghost Town

Abandoned: 1979

The inside of the abandoned Bokor Hill Station in Cambodia

The view from the abandoned Bokor Hill Station in Cambodia

Bokor Hill Station Abandoned Hotel in Cambodia

Abandoned colony resort of Bokor Hill Station

Interior of Bokor Hill Station

The abandoned Bokor Hill Station in Cambodia


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