Ballaghaderreen Swimming Pool – Abandoned In The Irish Countryside

Ballaghaderreen is a small town located in County Roscommon, Ireland. The abandoned outdoor Ballaghaderreen Swimming Pool was used right up until the end of the late 1980’s and served as a reservoir before that. As the town grew, as did its water needs and water pipes were constructed to pump water in from mains water supplies and larger reservoirs. Remember also that outdoor swimming pools are not very common in Ireland so it’s interesting to see one like this, albeit one that had been converted from a water reservoir. Ballaghaderreen Swimming Pool remains abandoned with no plans for development.

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Ballaghaderreen is a busy Cathedral town of approximately 2000 population situated on the Mayo/Roscommon border close to the Lung River.

Historically it has been the gateway to the West. Dillon House on the Square was the ancestral home of John Blake and John & James Dillon, major figures in Irish political life. It is now the headquarters of the Western Development Commission. Beside it is the Headquarters and Administrative Offices of The Border, Midland and Western Regional Authority.

In keeping with the whole area, which is famed for the richness of its archaeological and historical heritage, St. Nathy’s College, now a large very modern Secondary School, is built around a British Military Barracks dating back to 1798. Ballaghaderreen, situated in a river valley and surrounded by hills with captivating views, it has proved to be the inspiration for a large and vibrant colony of artists.

As you approach Ballaghaderreen from the east, you pass the home of the First President of Ireland, Dr. Douglas Hyde, after whom a very successful Annual Conference on Irish History is held together with a School of Traditional Irish Music and Song, and from the front of the Hyde Interpretive Centre one gets their first view of the scenery and the landscape that has inspired generations of great Irish people.

With the friendliest of people, excellent food and accommodation together with an abundance of natural leisure facilities, Ballaghaderreen is a place to visit and linger.

Location: Ballaghaderreen, Ireland

Category: Swimming Pool

Abandoned: 1980s

The dressing room of the abandoned Ballaghaderreen swimming pool in Roscommon

An abandoned swimming pool in Roscommon, Ireland

The Ballaghaderreen swimming pool in Roscommon was also once a reservoir

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