Atlanta Constitution Building – An Abandoned Newspaper Headquarters

The Atlanta Constitution Building is a a five storey building located on the corner of Alabama Street and Forsyth Street in Atlanta, Georgia. It was built in 1947 for the Atlanta Constitution newspaper and housed state of the art office and printing facilities at the time of its construction and was considered one of the most innovatively designed newspaper headquarters in the country at the time.

WCON, a radio station owned by the Atlanta Constitution, occupied the top floor with retail space on the bottom however after a merger with The Atlanta Journal, the company moved in 1953 and Georgia Power took control of the property. This was also to be short lived and they vacated in 1960. It had various other occupants up until 1972 at which point it was abandoned and has remained vacant ever since.

The building has been put on the National Register of Historic Places due its art moderne architecture. The Georgia Department of Transportation is the owner of the building at present and they have plans to built a passenger terminal for downtown Atlanta which have been discussed at length at various levels. These plans have not come to pass and the building remains in a derelict state. Various bodies have campaigned for the building to be saved due to its architectural significance and this seems to be gaining support from locals. There have been calls to use the existing building as part of the rail infrastructure rather than having it demolished and replaced with something new.

The building came to attention in early 2013 when it was the scene of a fire. Many of the homeless population of downtown Atlanta use the building to sleep in during he winter months. A number of city blocks were closed while fire fighters tackled the blaze but no injuries were recorded. It has brought the building back into sharp focus for the local agencies who insist something must be done with the site. Negotiations between the Georgia Department of Transportation and state/city agencies continue.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Category: Office Building

Abandoned: 1972

A distance shot of the Atlanta Constitution Building

The facade of the abandoned Atlanta Constitution Building

The Atlanta Constitution Building

How the Atlanta Constitution Building used to look

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