Arsenal – An Abandoned Paris Metro Station

Arsenal is a ghost station on the Paris Métro system which has been abandoned since World War II. Although used for training purposes, the station for the main part lies derelict and closed to the public. It has become popular with French urban explorers but trespassers are dealt with harshly by the authorities.

The Paris Métro was opened in 1900 and was expanded rapidly up until World War II at which point the network was quite extensive. The name comes from the original company to operate the system, La Compagnie du chemin de fer métropolitain de Paris and became shortened to Le Métropolitain and then again to Métro and is now used as a common name for various underground systems throughout the world. The name came from the already successful Metropolitan Railway operating in London and now part of the London Underground system.

In total there are 303 stations and 16 lines on the Paris Métro and it is the second busiest underground system in the world after Moscow. The stations are located quite densely compared to similar underground systems with an average of 548 metres distance between stops.

Line 5 was opened in 1906 and ran from Place d’Italie to Gare d’Orléans. It was extended to Gare de Lyon soon after and various further extensions occurred in the next few years eventually terminating in Étoile and Gare du Nord. Following the outbreak of war, services to Arsenal were suspended and have never recommenced. The ghost station is located between Bastille and Quai de la Rapée. The entrances remain in place but are boarded up and locked. It remains in place as a training station for staff of Métro operator RATP and can be accessed from boulevard Bourdon.

There have been suggestions in recent media outlets to make use of some of the ghost stations on the Paris underground system and ideas for Arsenal include a swimming pool, gallery or nightclub.

Location: Paris, France

Category: Train Station

Abandoned: 1939

Abandoned Arsenal Metro Station in Paris

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