Aldwych Tube Station – An Abandoned London Underground Station

Aldwych Tube Station was a station on the London Underground (commonly referred to as The Tube) which closed in 1994. It was opened as Strand in 1907 and was the only station on a branch of the Piccadilly line from Holborn. The station always had low numbers and as a result, it was only open during peak hours on weekdays. Many extension plans were put forward that would have involved the station however none came to fruition and when the cost of replacing the lifts became more than the income that would be generated, it was decided to close the station. It has been abandoned ever since.

Since its closure, Aldwych has been given grade II listed building status and is used for filming purposes. V For Vendetta, Atonement and 28 Weeks Later have all been shot in the station and Most Haunted featured it back in their first series. Indeed, before its closure, many people spoke of ghosts and paranormal activity.

The tube station was built on the site of the Royal Strand Theatre, which had closed on 13 May 1905 and been demolished. Construction of the red brick building began on 21 October 1905. Three lift shafts were built however only two were ever fitted out and only one was ever in widespread use. The talk of future extensions meant the station was built with a growth of capacity in mind but this was never to come.

Interestingly, the tunnel on the Aldwych branch was used to house items from the British Museum during World War II including the Elgin Marbles. Many people sought shelter on the platforms during the air raids and the branch reopened in 1948 and even though it was announced that the station would close in 1952, it lasted until 1994.

Location: London, England

Category: Railway Station

Abandoned: 1994

Abandoned underground tunnel Aldwych London

Abandoned Aldwych Station

Aldwych Underground Tunnel

Entrance to abandoned Aldwych Underground Station

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