6 March 2013

Account of a Visit to Scott’s Hut & Antarctica

One of the most interesting places we’ve blogged about is Scott’s Hut in Antarctica which was built during the great age of Antarctic exploration. In recent years there’s been an increase in tourism to the region and Scott’s Hut is a favourite amongst the visitors. We’ve recently come across a fantastic account of a visit at Travelling Not Soliciting blog which makes for great reading. Click here to read.

We managed to get ashore on the zodiacs to visit Scott's Hut, which has been carefully restored by the Antarctic Heritage Trust. It was a fascinating time capsule (see photos below). It was actually quite spacious and they had many of the comforts of the time, but as you approach it from the sea it looks so little, brave and foolhardy, sitting there in its small cove surrounded by a gigantic monochrome world—shades of black, grey and white. And the gods put on the proper weather for our arrival:it was very very cold and very very windy. Temperature was minus 10 degrees C but a wind chill of minus 25 degrees C. When you climbed out of the shelter of the cove you were blown backwards by the blasts of wind.

We had hoped that we would also be able to land later the same day at Ernest Shackleton’s hut from his 1909 expedition, which is a mile or two further up the coast of Ross Island, but the conditions were too fierce, and dangerous sea ice was blocking the landing place. Actually I think a lot of people were secretly glad that we couldn’t go ashore since we were all so cold from our visit to Scott’s hut! 

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