Abandoned BSA Factory in Birmingham

This is another fascinating find with thanks again to Dee @ Does Not Compute who has some really amazing pictures of abandoned places throughout the UK and well worth a look. She’s one of our favourite urban exploration photographers in the UK.

This factory is one she spotted as she drove to Birmingham and stopped to look at. She was surprised to find that even though boarded up, it is still used as a rifle factory!

The factory was built in 1863 by Birmingham Small Arms Company however by 1880, demand for guns dropped and they started making bikes, then cars and later guns. A major expansion came in 1915 when arms began to be produced again at the outbreak of WWI.

The company grew right up until the 1970s when it began to be sold off bit by bit. The motorcycle factory next door was closed however the rifle factory remains open.

Location: Small Heath, England

Category: Factory

Abandoned: Still in use

abandoned gun factory

abandoned rifle factory

bsa factory

birmingham small arms

abandoned factory england


  1. Nice shots from outside, did you get any inside?
    Been around there once but never noticed it still had the BSA lettering on the wall!
    Nice find.

  2. Dee who took the pics has interior shots of the Motorcycle factory on her website


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