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ArgentieraArgentiera was a ghost town in Sassari on the Italian island of Sardinia. The name of the town comes from argento which is Italian for silver. From the ancient era, silver was mined at the site by the Romans and Phoenicians. It played an important part in trading of the commodity throughout the known world and was important economically to the Roman Empire.

In the 19th century the Belgian company Società di Corr'e boi re-opened the mine. It became a bustling town with the onset of World War II but began to decline soon after. The mine was eventually closed  in 1963 and town became abandoned.

Today a small area of the town is inhabited and businesses mainly serve a tourist purpose. The whole town is located within the UNESCO preserved Geological Mining Park of Sardinia. The below is an English translation from the Hostel Argentiera website.

L ' Argentiera , already known to the Phoenicians, owes its name to one of the oldest deposits of lead and silver mined on the island.

Spread as at the end of the nineteenth century mining town with hospital, an aqueduct and a group of houses around the laundry.

In this land stood in fact one of the most important mining centres in Sardinia, used until the middle of the 1900s . Traces still evident in the area are made ​​up of remnants of the mining and processing of ferrous material. Complex architectural masonry and wood is an example of industrial archaeology, which is currently being restored.

Location: Sardinia, Italy

Category: Ghost town

Abandoned: 1963

Argentiera ItalyArgentiera Ghost TownArgentiera Abandoned

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