Abandoned Abbey Mill

Abbey Mill is located in the town of Bishop’s Waltham in South East England. It was constructed in an area important to the British wheat industry following the industrial revolution and was an important factor in the growth of the town in the 18th and 19th centuries. The building fell into disuse when technology moved the production of wheat along and the site has been the subject of a long battle between local residents and Sainsbury’s who have lodged an application to build a supermarket on the site. For the moment, it remains abandoned. The following is a letter of objection from a local resident.

I am writing to object to the planning application by Sainsbury’s for the above site.

My objections as a local resident who has been shopping in Bishops Waltham for the last 8 years are as follows.

1. The superstore will destroy the vitality and viability of the town centre as well as our village stores and post offices.

2. The ambiance of the town and its medieval heritage in the Palace Ruins and the South Pond will be diminished forever.

3. The huge increase in traffic will cause severe problems on not just the towns narrow B roads but those through all the surrounding communities. I understand that Sainsbury’s own traffic consultant has admitted there would be approximately 32,000 extra traffic movements a week at the Abbey Mill roundabout. This is total unacceptable.

4. There are already 8 Sainsbury’s in a 10 mile radius of BW plus numerous other supermarkets (over 115) we do not need another one.

5. The evidence that new superstores actually cause job losses is well known-an average of 270 jobs within a 10 miles radius of each new store.

Toby Blackmore

Location: Bishop’s Waltham, England

Category: Mill

Abandoned: 1970s

Abandoned mill

Abandoned mill england

Abandoned abbey mill

Abandoned mill bishop's waltham

Abandoned wheat mill

Pictures: Dee @ Does Not Compute


  1. I agree -also the "willful neglect"of the Tollgate cottage,built in the 1800's to service the Ashton corner to Fishers pond road and now falling down.
    Having lived here for 34 years I fail to understand a "planning" organisation that appears totally disinterested in its heritage.

    1. Would love some photos of the Tollgate Cottage. Will look into it. Thanks


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