Abandoned City Courts Office Building in Waterford City

The building at the junction of Bailey’s New Street and The Quay in Waterford is home to the former City Courts Office Building. It was built in the 1980s in the heart of historic Waterford and next to Reginald’s Tower which was a hugely important defence tower throughout the city’s history and part of the city walls. It has since been turned into the city’s Viking Museum and as a result, the office building next to it has been deemed an eyesore and was closed with plans to demolish it. The plan is to make the tower stand out more and look more appealing for tourists. There has also been calls for a Viking longboat to sit on the site and now that is becoming a reality as part of the Winterval festival. The building is in the process of being demolished.

UPDATE - The city have now demolished the building and extensive work is now going on in the area known as the Viking Triangle. The buildings behind this one are being redeveloped into a restaurant and entertainment venue with plans to open before the city’s Winterval festival later in the year.

Location: Waterford City, Ireland

Category: Office building

Abandoned: 2012

Reginald's Tower Viking Waterford Viking Triangle Waterford City


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