21 May 2012

Firs Park - Abandoned Stadium

Firs Park was a stadium in Falkirk, Scotland, the home of East Stirlingshire FC. It was opened in 1921 however by 2007, the police had restricted attendance to 750 due to the insufficient number of exits in case of emergency. The ground was eventually closed and abandoned in 2008 and was demolished in January 2012. The video below is from Abandoned Scotland who have some fantastic videos and pictures on their site.

This BBC article about East Stirlingshire's move away from Firs Park was published in 2008 -

East Stirlingshire say they were forced to leave their Firs Park stadium partly because of new Scottish Football Association criteria.

Shire will move from their long-time Falkirk home to groundshare with neighbours and Third Division rivals Stenhousemuir next season.

Director Spencer Fearn explained why Firs Park will make way for housing.

"We would have to spend a lot of money bringing it up to to scratch," he told his club website.

"For one thing, the pitch is too short. We would have had to dig up the terracing and extend the playing surface. It's just not worth it."

Fearn thought that the club would have had to spend "tens of thousands of pounds" on improvements demanded by the game's governing body in Scotland.

The planning process is still not complete for the proposed housing.

"There is a possibility we can retain our offices at Firs Park next season and use the pitch as our permanent training facility, " said Fearn.

"Obviously, that will depend on planning consent, but we are hoping Ogilvies aren't quite ready to move in and we can go on using Firs Park. That would be ideal for us."

Meanwhile, Shire will press on with a plan to build their own stadium elsewhere in Falkirk.

"We will be sharing with Stenhousemuir for a period of five years," said Fearn.

"In that five year period, we want to make sure we have a ground of our own."

Location: Falkirk, Scotland

Category: Stadium

Abandoned: 2008

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