25 March 2014

Abandoned Railway Terrace in Mullingar

The photos in this video were taken in May 2012 while I was involved in a 50 mile walk for MS Ireland. We started at the train station in Mullingar and while there I was shown these buildings. At the time we were told that they would be converted into a railway museum but I’ve since been told that isn’t the case and the buildings remain where they stand and easy enough to get to if you’re near the area. The turntrack is one of only 2 left on the entire island of Ireland.

24 March 2014

Abandoned Mosney Fairground

Mosney was once Ireland’s premier holiday camp but declining visitor numbers late in the 20th century saw it close and converted to use as a centre for asylum seekers. While a number of the existing structures remain to this day and some are in use by the residents of the centre, certain favourites were removed. The fairground was completely disassembled and either moved elsewhere or sold for scrap. Very little remains apart from the concrete. What was once one of Ireland’s happiest places is now just a barren plot of land.

If you have any Mosney stories, we’d love to hear them either in the comments below or at info@WorldAbandoned.com

23 March 2014

Abandoned House In Hook Head, Wexford

Hook Head is a peninsula at the end of Co.Wexford, Ireland and home to a famous lighthouse and the infamous Loftus Hall, regarded by many as the most haunted house in Ireland. It’s an imposing place, both desolate and ghostly in how quiet it tends to be although the city of Waterford lies just across the mouth of the River Suir.

While filming in Loftus Hall for Scare Week, a project we were involved in with radio station Beat 102 103, we came across this house on the road and had to stop to get some footage. If you know anything about the building let us know in the comments below.

22 March 2014

Abandoned Buildings in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

The city of Mostar was ravaged by the Yugoslavian war and is trying to piece itself back together. Throughout the city there are a number of abandoned buildings, many partly destroyed by the war. It’s a fascinating city to walk around and while there, we took some footage that we’ve recently re-uploaded to our YouTube channel. If you do get a chance to visit the city, do spend some time taking in the buildings.

21 March 2014

Abandoned House In Cavtat, Croatia

This is another video we’ve recently re-uploaded to the YouTube page and already we’ve had some feedback about the former use of the building including this informative comment from Anne Wilkie -

We were told by one of the entertainments guys at the hotel that it had been a children's hospital, abandoned during the war.  We actually went in, despite the no entry signs (stupid, I know) and that was borne out by what we saw.  Two days after we went in, there was a team of workers and vehicles there boarding it up and securing it. 

Interesting to get a response from a reader and be able to work out what this building was used for. If you stay in the Iberostar Albatros in Cavtat, be sure you look out for it on the way to the village.