A Walk Through Abandoned Liverpool

Guest post by Mark Giacomin

Welcome To LiverpoolLiverpool was nominated as the European Capital of Culture for 2008.

There has been evident urban regeneration in the area near the docks principally to encourage consumerism. However, it was noticeable that there were abandoned & dilapidated buildings if you wandered along streets away from the centre. As usual, I was armed with camera.

East Fortune Hospital | Abandoned Hospital

Guest Post By SirHiss

East Fortune HospitalEast Fortune is a village in East Lothian, Scotland located 2 miles (3 km) northwest of East Linton.

In 1922 several buildings and an area of land were used to create East Fortune Hospital. This served as a tuberculosis sanatorium for the south east region of Scotland until the onset of World War II. The airfield was then brought back into service as RAF East Fortune initially a training airfield, and the hospital patients were transferred to Bangour Hospital in West Lothian. The hospital re-opened after the war, but by 1956, as the number of tuberculosis patients began to fall, the hospital changed its function to house the mentally handicapped. In 1997, the hospital closed down, and its patients were transferred to Roodlands Hospital in Haddington.

Abandoned Apartment Building in Nagoya

Guest post by Nagoya Blue at Abandoned Japan

So, a couple of weeks ago, I put up some pictures of an abandoned apartment building, and promised to go back and check it out. Which I did today.

The first floor, or ground floor as we say in the UK, used to be shops until they all closed.

 Abandoned Apartment Nagoya Japan

Puerto Del Hambre | Port Famine Abandoned Settlement

Puerto Del HambrePuerto Del Hambre or Port Famine was a settlement in southern Chile on the northern shore of the Strait Of Magellan in Patagonia. Also known as Ciudad del Rey Don Felipe, it is now a national monument and the ruins attract tourists to Chile’s far south. A monument marks the central point of Chile (as taken from their northern border with Peru to the South Pole in Antarctica which they claim as part of their territory).

Hartwood Hospital | Abandoned Psychiatric Asylum

Guest Post By SirHiss

Hartwood Hospital WheelchairI wasn't aware that the exhilarating and mysterious pursuit that is 'urbex' even existed until the turn of this year. My closest friend suggested that I accompany her to an abandoned psychiatric asylum called Hartwood Hospital in the Lanarkshire area of Scotland to explore and take photographs. I duly accepted her offer and now I am smitten by the whole urbex scene.